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Wildest hybrid animals


Pumapard - Wildest hybrid animals (© Wikipedia photo)
  • Wholphin - Wildest hybrid animals (© Wikipedia photo)
  • Sheep-goats - Wildest hybrid animals (© Virgin Media photo)
  • Pumapard - Wildest hybrid animals (© Wikipedia photo)
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The pumapard, a hybrid between a puma and leopard, is the unfortunate mixed species that will never be normal. First bred in the late 1800s, the pumapard hybrid can be mated by either a male puma and female leopard, or vice versa, though the result doesn't come out quite right. No matter what permutation of puma and leopard its parents may be, the pumapard reportedly inherits a form of dwarfism, which leads it to grow to only half the size of its mother or father. A pumapard is famously preserved today at the U.K.'s Walter Rothschild Zoological Museum.

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