Updated: December 5, 2012 12:45 PM | By John Paul Hogan, MSN Tech & Gadgets
Who are the web's most dangerous celebs?

Beautiful? Yes, but also dangerous to your computer

Security firm McAfee releases its annual list of celebrities who generate the most malicious results in web searches. (© Reuters)
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The computer security nerds over at McAfee put together their annual list of the web's most dangerous search terms. These are words and phrases that are most likely to return malicious links when you put them into a search engine. Celebrity names always figure prominently in search engine traffic, so it's no real surprise that they'd also be used by internet bad guys to try to trick us into downloading viruses or spyware. It's probably also not surprising that the celebs in question all happen to be beautiful women, late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel is the web's most dangerous man, but ranked only 13th. So beware readers, these are the 10 most dangerous celebs on the web.

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