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  • Blu-ray players

    Blu-ray players give you lots of entertainment options. They'll play high-definition Blu-ray discs (including 3D movies, in some cases), regular DVDs, and CDs. And a growing number of players stream video from Internet sites such as Netflix, giving you access to the world of on-demand entertainment. With prices now starting as low as $100 or so, it's no surprise that Blu-ray players are pushing standard DVD players to the sidelines. It makes sense to consider a DVD player only if you have an older, standard-definition TV and don't expect to upgrade soon. (We no longer test standard DVD players, but you can get buying advice here.)

  • Security software

    Failing to protect your computer from online threats can shorten your machine's life and lead to the theft or corruption of data, including sensitive personal information. But you don't have to spend a lot on security software. We found that free programs are fine for most people.

  • E-book readers

    E-book readers are portable devices, usually with display screens optimized to show the electronic text of digital books. These electronic book readers are typically larger than cell phones and smaller than most tablet computers. Tablets with e-book apps, Web browsers and more robust processors typically offer more versatile than e-readers.


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