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Top tech for 2013

The best-in-class devices for the year ahead

Peter Chou HTC One (© Reuters)
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We're just over a quarter of the way through the year but already 2013 has seen some bumper tech launches. We've seen high-profile kit announced from most of the major players including Samsung, Sony, HTC, BlackBerry, Canon and more — and the shops are now packed with the latest cutting edge devices.

But what devices should you be spending your money on? What are the best devices to invest in now if you want to make sure you're up-to-date with all the latest and greatest tech?

Well, sit back and scroll through our guide to the best-in-class new products of the year. There's no rumoured stuff here — these are all genuine devices that have been unleashed this year and are available now, or scheduled for release soon.

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