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Smallest TV screen (© Peter Tuffy, University of Edinburgh)
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  • Smallest TV screen (© Peter Tuffy, University of Edinburgh)
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Officially recognised by the Guinness World Records as the smallest TV screen in the world even now, five years after it first won the title, MicroEmissive Displays' TV screen is smaller than a fingernail. The colour screen, called the ME1602, measures just 3.84x2.88mm with a resolution of 160x120 pixels. But exactly what use is the world's tiniest TV screen, you may ask? Well, they're a component in things like viewfinders and TV glasses that come fitted with the miniature screens.

Sadly, the creators, Scottish firm MicroEmissive Displays went into administration in 2008, citing the unwillingness of banks and private equity firms to stump up cash for small businesses as the reason.

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