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Smallest digital camera

Smallest digital camera (© Hammacher Schlemmer)
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This tiny camera fits on the tip of a finger, measures less than an inch in all its dimensions and weighs about 14 grams. Quality obviously suffers in a camera with a lens this small - images only get as good as two megapixels and you're stuck hoping for the best with auto focus. However, impressively, it can also record video and supports up to 32GB microSD cards.

It's quite mind-boggling that a working digital camera could be this small, but then, why would you want it to be? A present for someone who likes to travel really light, perhaps? The camera's website suggests that you might want to use it for personal espionage activities, saying, "[it's] reminiscent of devices employed by Cold War-era operatives for intelligence gathering." Quite.

* Video: Big camera in a small body

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