BlackBerry 9000 (AP Photo/Roberto Gonzalez)

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Units sold: 150 million-plus

Say what you will about RIM today - okay, maybe it's best you don't - but despite any of the company's perceived failings it still holds one of the most dominant mobile phone brands on earth. Indeed, the BlackBerry, no matter what sales figures of other phones might tell you, is the name in smartphones, and with good reason: it was the first mainstream device, when it debuted in 1999, to introduce consumers to mobile email and the idea of a QWERTY keyboard on a phone. RIM has unveiled just about every kind of BlackBerry you could imagine over the past decade-plus - slide phones, touch screens, flip phones, etc. - but perhaps the brand is at a crossroads. The iPhone aside, Android phones are coming on strong, and despite its strong corporate presence, it will take continued ingenuity for BlackBerry to remain dominant in the consumer market.

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