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The legacy of Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs - anniversary of his passing (© Guy Whitby, WBK, Rex Features)
  • Steve Jobs - anniversary of his passing (© Guy Whitby, WBK, Rex Features)
  • Steve Jobs pictured with the Apple II (© Ted Thai, Getty Images)
  • The first Apple Mac (© Getty Images)
  • Jobs NeXT project (© Richard Drew, AP)
  • Steve Jobs demos Pixar's animation on a Macintosh G4 (© Getty Images)
  • Steve Jobs seen holding an iMac (© Getty Images)
  • The iPod (© AP Photo, Julie Jacobson)
  • Apple iTunes (© Getty Images)
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On the anniversary of his passing we look back at the legacy of one of Apple's founding fathers.

Oct. 5, 2011 - the world of technology mourned the loss of the mind behind landmark gadgets such as the Macintosh, iPhone and iPad. Steve Jobs lost a long and fraught battle with pancreatic cancer on 5 October 2011 - he was aged just 56.

During the year that followed, Apple dug deep and mustered the strength to march onwards, mapping a new path and releasing the iPhone 5 to great (and commercial) acclaim, as well as a 'new' iPad (the third) and iOS 6. Jobs' legacy lives on, for example his guiding hand is said to have influenced some of the decisions behind Apple's latest iPhone, as well as four years' worth of ideas (including plans for an Apple television).

Join Tech & Gadgets as we look back at some of the visionary's greatest achievements and defining moments both inside and outside of Apple.

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