April 16, 2012 2:16 PM | By Peter Nowak, MSN Tech & Gadgets
The best of Canadian video games

10 games with multiple Canadian Video Game Awards nominations

Ahead of the third annual Canadian Video Game Awards on April, 21, MSN takes a look at 10 of the strongest contenders.
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The third annual Canadian Video Game Awards kick off in Vancouver on Apr. 21. The awards will celebrate Canadian achievements in video game design in 2011, from tiny independent releases for smartphones to huge, big-budget console blockbusters made by the best-known publishers.

With Canada's video game industry being the third largest in the world by number of employees - behind Japan and the United States - Canadians are producing some of the biggest-selling and most popular games. Organizers say the awards are about recognizing the great work Canadians are doing in the field.

"Canadian game makers are some of the best in the world and they're making some of the biggest titles that the entire world is playing," says Victor Lucas, host of The Electric Playground TV show and one of the awards' organizers.

"We really want to grow the CVAs to be something akin to the Junos or the Geminis. We should be just as proud of the games that are made here as we are of the music, television and films that are made here."

This year's awards are broken into 12 categories, ranging from visual arts and sound to writing and technical design. The awards will be broadcast on CityTV on Apr. 28, while the full results will be available here on MSN.ca on Apr. 23.

Here are some of the games that have received multiple nominations.

* Video: Caine's arcade goes viral

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