June 7, 2012 10:55 AM | By Peter Nowak, MSN Tech & Gadgets
The 10 best video games of E3

Here are the games we can't wait to play

We scoured the floor of E3 to bring you this list of the best new games coming in the year.
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Let's face it: any top 10 list is purely subjective. It's even more so when it comes to judging something like the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, where literally thousands of new games are shown off. It's not possible to see them all, much less rate them on their early glimpses.

Nevertheless, E3 does serve as a showcase for all of the best big games coming out over the next year or so. Publishers and developers alike put their best respective foot forward to try and impress attendees, and perhaps convince them that their particular creation is the "best of show."

In that vein, we scoped out as many games as possible during the four day event and came up with our own list of upcoming titles that impressed. While this is certainly not an exhaustive list, these were some of the best games that E3 2012 had to offer.

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