April 5, 2012 9:44 AM | By MSN Tech & Gadgets - Science desk
Terrifying new species discovered

As if you didn't have enough to fear already

We love that scientists are still discovering previously unknown species on this planet, we just wish those species weren't as creepy as these ones.
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Think of the scariest, most horrifying creatures out there, and what do we have? Great whites? Sure. Black widows? Uh-huh. Deathstalker scorpions? Oh, boy. Keep us away from all three.

Though, while humans cower at the frightening animals we know about, what are we to do about those we don't? Indeed, every day scientists are finding new species just as gross, just as venomous and just as dangerous as the ones we already fear. Don't believe us? Here are ten of the most terrifying species discovered just since 2011.

* Bing: What is the world's most dangerous animal?

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