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Tech’s greatest rivalries

Facebook vs. Myspace

Facebook vs. Myspace - Tech's greatest rivalries (© The Canadian Press/Steve White)
  • The dust-up between Twitter and Google over the search giant's move to include Google+ results in web searches has us looking back at the biggest rivalries in the tech world.
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  • Facebook vs. Myspace - Tech's greatest rivalries (© The Canadian Press/Steve White)
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This is a historical list, mind you, so let's go back to a time when "Facebook vs. Myspace" actually meant something. The year was 2008, and even as recent as then, Myspace was still swinging a heavy stick in the social networking realm, boasting more than 60 million unique visitors each month, double what Facebook (about 30 million) could lay claim to at time. Yet what followed was almost steroid-aided growth for Mark Zuckerberg's brainchild, and it may have been a void of simplicity that did in Myspace. The original widely-used social network insisted on maintaining its personalized pages, which was a fine move in principal but quickly found site visitors bogged down by garish images and fonts only a mother could love. By the end of 2008, Facebook, with its simple and square layouts, matched Myspace in unique visitors per month, and since the bout has been a no contest. Today, Myspace has some 30 million users (Google+ has surpassed it); Facebook, by contrast, is closing in on a billion.

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