January 18, 2012 12:05 PM | By Jason Buckland, MSN Tech & Gadgets
Tech’s greatest rivalries

Is Google vs. Twitter tech's next great rivalry?

The dust-up between Twitter and Google over the search giant's move to include Google+ results in web searches has us looking back at the biggest rivalries in the tech world.
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Last week, Google, as it does, kept churning. On Jan. 12, the web giant announced it would now automatically sort through posts and photos from its social network, Google+, to provide a more personalized online search. The move is progressive, of course, though not without its detractors. Shortly after the announcement, Twitter lawyer Alex Macgillivray, who used to work at Google himself, called it a "bad day for the Internet."

In the narrowest of scopes, Twitter and Google are not direct competitors, though since they do battle to be the Internet's most visible brand, the shot fired is noteworthy. In fact, the Twitter-Google mini-scuffle got MSN thinking about the tech world's fiercest rivals. Here are a few of our picks.

* Bing: Who has the most Twitter followers?

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