November 30, 2012 3:30 PM | By Jason Buckland, MSN Tech & Gadgets
Shameful Facebook behaviour

Study sheds light on unfriendly Facebook habit

Click through to see nine shameful examples of reprehensible conduct on Facebook, the world's most powerful social network
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On the web there are demographic-specific news sites and hyper-targeted advertisements, but perhaps there is nothing more calculated on the Internet than Facebook photos uploaded by women. Keen to just what pics make them look good and what ones make their friends look bad, a regrettable 25 per cent of female Facebook users recently admitted to purposely posting unflattering images of peers online.

Why? According to the study, women post unfortunate photos of friends for a number of reasons; it could be the result of a relationship fall-out, or it could be revenge for that friend earlier uploading an unbecoming image of them. In either case, could such skulduggery be the most shameful behaviour on Facebook today? Click through to see other examples of reprehensible conduct on the world's most powerful social network.

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