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Most expensive real estate on the web

6. Diamond.com (tie)

Diamond.com (© Diamond.com)
  • Slots.com (© Slots.com)
  • Casino.com (© Casino.com)
  • Israeli flag (© iStockphoto)
  • Beer.com (© Beer.com)
  • Diamond.com (© Diamond.com)
  • Business.com (© Business.com)
  • Porn.com (© Porn.com)
  • Fund.com (© Fund.com)
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Sold in: 2006
Fetched: $7.5 million

If buying diamonds (and having them shipped) online seems a little precarious to you, don't tell that to the buyers of Diamond.com. The blinged-out URL, which hosts a custom stone-engraving and online jewellery shop, was purchased from fellow web jeweller Ice.com for big bucks in 2006. Reportedly, Diamond.com was bought for more than ten times what it was cost original buyer, Odimo Inc.

* Video: Dog eats $20,000 diamond

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