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Declared dead online

Zach Braff

Actor Zack Braff (© Peter Kramer/NBC)
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When: 2009

In the world of fake obituaries, a celeb never gets to choose quite how he goes out. So two years ago, after he'd established himself as a solid filmmaker and memorable TV star, "Scrubs" actor Zach Braff may have been quite perturbed to see a bogus report circling the web that he'd killed himself. To his credit, Braff spoofed the report - he posted a video to his Facebook page addressing the premature obit - but the "Garden State" director's ego may have taken a hit. In the video, Braff expressed a mock-level of regret that more of his fans didn't "like" his Facebook post announcing he hadn't committed suicide.

* Video: Zach Braff hits Broadway

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