March 28, 2011 9:07 PM | By Jeff Bertolucci, PC World
10 ways to goof off at work without getting caught

Secret windows, secret lives

Secret windows, secret lives
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Moonlighting on company time? It's wise to keep offenses that constitute just cause for dismissal on the down-low. Virtual desktops can save you by creating mini-workspaces, each one running its own suite of apps. Think of them as parallel universes. Mac OS X (starting with version 10.5), Linux and Unix all provide native support for virtual desktops. Windows users should seek out a third-party utility such as WindowsPager, which integrates nicely with the Windows taskbar. (To jump to a new window, simply click its icon in the taskbar.) Other virtual desktops include Desktops, Dexpot, and VirtuaWin.

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