Hyperbole and a Half (Courtesy Hyperbole and a Half blog)

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Here's what it says on the "About" page at Hyperbole and a Half. "Hi. I'm Allie [Brosh]. If I had to explain myself in six words, those words would be 'heroic, caring, alert and flammable.' That's only four words [five, actually]. Oh well, I guess I should have thought of that before I started writing. Too late now. Here, I drew you a picture of a unicorn."

From Hyperbole's Facebook page: "Hyperbole and a Half is not really a web comic, but it isn't really a blog either. Basically, it has lots of pictures and words and it really tries hard to be funny." Anyway, since I've failed to describe what Hyperbole and a Half is or why it's funny, here's a video its creator, Allie Brosh, describing it on YouTube.

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