Rating: PG; worst word I could find was "whore."
Twitter bio: Say or do something stupid in a meeting and I'll tweet it. @meetingboy
Analysis: If you liked Mike Judge's movie, chances are you'll get a kick out of Meeting Boy. He simply tweets about meetings and the funny/stupid things people do in them — and in the workplace in general. It's essentially a funny-cuz-it's-true chronicle of the everyday bullcrap and doublespeak we have to endure at the great tragic sitcom we star in every day at work.
Tweets: "Two weeks left on a tight deadline. 'Starting Monday the team will meet every day for status.' Problem solved!"

"I hope the unexplained emergency that forced you to be out of the office Thursday through Tuesday went OK. Also, nice tan."

"Senior management announces that Account Management is now called 'Idea Management', but somehow I'm the bad guy for yelling 'April Fools!' "

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