The old way: Why spend $6 or $7 on a greeting card that'll be in the gift recipient's hands for about, oh, five seconds? You know what will happen (because you do it, too): It will be in the garbage can shortly after the holidays. What's the point? Is a folded piece of paper and an envelope really worth that much — not to mention the fact that you need to buy a stamp and wait for the recipient to receive it in the mail.

The new way: While you might consider it less sentimental, there are many free and fun virtual greeting cards that won't cost you a dime. Many have animation, sound and music — or with the case of the Jib Jab, you can add your family's faces onto the dancing characters to further personalize the message. Plus, recipients get it immediately. Also check out Portable North Pole, which has Santa Claus deliver personalized video messages to PCs or iPhone, iPod touch or iPad devices.

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