March 21, 2013 3:15 PM | By Matt Wales, MSN Tech & Gadgets
Gears of War: Judgment review

Explosive cover shooter returns to Xbox 360

Gears of War: Judgment (© Microsoft)
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What is it? Gears of War returns for more intense cover-based shooting action, with a furiously paced main campaign and brand-new multiplayer modes.

What’s it on? Xbox 360

When’s it out? March 22

Let’s be honest, Gears of War does one thing and it does it very well: shooting things in the face. Previous series entries have, admittedly, tried to shake things up with sprawling (and largely stupid) storylines and staggering set-piece moments but that frenzied blasting core has always been the series’ major draw. So it kind of makes sense to see Gears of War: Judgment, the latest entry in the mega-popular third-person shooter franchise, taking an entirely reductionist approach.

It strips away the fat and, unapologetically, brings the shooting to the fore - but is that enough to carry the action for the duration of a fourth Gears of War game? Click on through the review to find out...

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