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January 7, 2013 8:45 PM | By Jamie Carter, MSN Tech & Gadgets
The tech to expect in 2013

New iPad, new iPhone, new Samsung Galaxy.....

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2012 was all about tablets, with Apple's third and fourth iPads and its stab at small: the iPad mini, Samsung's Galaxy Tabs and Notes, Google's Nexus 7 and 10, Amazon's various Kindle Fires and Microsoft's Surface dominating the headlines.

Blurring the lines were ebook readers, with the appearance of self-illuminating models such as a the Amazon Paperwhite, Kobo Glo and Nook SimpleTouch, while the Ultrabook market helped further relegate desktop computing.

But what of 2013?

The games market should get a new Xbox ecosystem, and though smartphones are cameras long ago fused, the trend to 'social imaging' will pick up pace as new DSLR cameras get connected to the cloud, too. Even our glasses could get online if Google's Project Glass comes to fruition.

Will 2013 bring any challengers to the tablet and the smartphone? Will the cloud expand further? More likely the key gadgets and brands will refine and evolve as usual, but there are bound to be a few surprises....

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