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A look at the growing throw-away electronics culture
  • The perils of a growing throwaway electronics culture

    Post-holidays is when most old gear gets tossed, feeding what experts call a growing throw-away electronics culture. While tech company's benefit from shorter products lifecycles by encouraging the sale of replacement gear, the byproduct can be harmful to household budgets and the planet.

Mobile malware will be worse in 2013
  • Mobile malware will be worse in 2013

    If you're a user of Google's mobile operating system Android and concerned about your smartphone's security, expect to worry more in the coming months at CES
  • Find the perfect GIF to express yourself with Blippy

    Here’s an app that will help you find the perfect image, when words won’t do. On Skype you can send emoticons. On Viber, you can send stickers. But on Facebook and email, you can send GIFs. And they’re awesome. Now, a new iPhone app will let you find them. Say hello to Blippy. The GIF is older than the web. The bitmap image format was introduced in 1987, by Compuserve, which claimed ownership of it before the patents ran out. Then, someone worked out how to animate it, creating short videos and animated characters in GIF form, which could then...

  • Beware of Philippines typhoon scams on social media, email

    Security experts are warning people to avoid online scams linked to the deadly typhoon that swept the Philippines.

  • Secret treaty threatens Canadians' online rights

    Canada is pushing back against some of the more egregious parts of a secret world treaty that would threaten online rights. But it is also quietly chipping away at its own Internet users' rights behind the scenes.

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