HALIFAX - Halifax police are investigating after a woman at Dalhousie University complained that someone secretly videotaped her walking around the downtown campus, then posted the images on YouTube with a sexually suggestive caption.

The video is among 29 similar recordings uploaded to the website, university spokesman Charles Crosby said Tuesday.

At least six of the videos show young women on campus, most of them outside, he said. But the location is unclear in the other videos, some of which show women in grocery stores and offices.

More than half of the videos in question show women from the waist down, all of them wearing leggings of some sort.

"They appear to be videos that someone has shot from a low angle, following women around," Crosby said in an interview.

He said the videos were posted online "with some salacious captioning."

Police say the video camera appears to have been obscured from sight, possibly hidden in a bag.

Investigators were on the campus Tuesday, talking to students and staff.

All but seven of the videos have been uploaded in the past three weeks. Some of them have been viewed more than 6,000 times.

According to the website, the unnamed person managing the YouTube channel set it up in January 2009, is 23 years old and has 364 subscribers.

Meanwhile, the university has emailed a security bulletin to everyone in the Dalhousie community.

"The nature of the video is an invasion of individual privacy as well as being offensive in its content toward the subject of the recording and to the general Dalhousie community," says the email, written by security director Mike Burns.