December 29, 2011 1:17 PM | By Jason Buckland, MSN Tech & Gadgets
Bing’s top tech searches of 2011

10. MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro - Bing's biggest tech searches of 2011 (© Apple)
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If 2010, when the iPad, Galaxy and Slate debuted, was the year consumers were first introduced to the tablet, then perhaps 2011 is the year the touchscreen device overtook the laptop when it comes to personal computing. Indeed, the MacBook Pro is the only laptop to make Bing's most searched list in 2011, though there's good reason to think the Apple computer may be more searched next year. The MacBook Pro, which released in two new editions this year, was recently rumoured to be bringing Retina Display technology to its upcoming models in 2012.

* Video: How to use a MacBook as a knife

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