April 13, 2012 9:40 AM | By Verity Burns, MSN Tech & Gadgets
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Draw Something

Draw Something (© OMGPOP)
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It's official - the Draw Something craze is taking over the world. Having topped the app charts, won mass praise and notched up a whopping 50 million downloads in just 50 days, it is now the fastest growing mobile game in history. If you've wondered where your friends have been recently, we'd bet they've probably been playing this.

But while most of our drawings don't venture much further than stick men and squiggles, there are those people who manage to put us all to shame with their mobile works of art. We've pulled together a veritable selection over the next few pages, as well as a few top class efforts submitted by MSN readers as well.

* Bing: What is 'Draw Something'?

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