John Gilhen, curator emeritus at the Nova Museum, displays the head of a great white shark at the museum in Halifax, Aug. 17, 2011(THE CANADIAN PRESS-Andrew Vaughan)

Checking on his trap one day last month, a Bay of Fundy fisherman was in for a shock. There, razor sharp teeth exposed, was a great white shark, a three-metre long predator that for weeks has turned much of Atlantic Canada into nervous swimmers.

In reality, great whites pass through the Bay of Fundy each year, but this was still a rare treat: it had been nearly a decade since the last such shark was spotted off the east cost of Canada. In honour of the Bay of Fundy's "Jaws" encounter, MSN looks back at other cases of animals being found in weird places - from tigers in Harlem to scorpions in a bushel of grapes to everything in between.

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