March 19, 2012 10:32 AM | By Jason Buckland, MSN Tech & Gadgets
Animal imposters

Whether cuddly, or creepy, these animals aren't what they appear

From misleading names, to confusing appearances, these animals aren't what they seem (© SD Biju photo)
  • From misleading names, to confusing appearances, these animals aren't what they seem (© SD Biju photo)
  • Firefly - Animal imposters (© Wikipedia photo)
  • Legless lizard - Animal imposters
  • Prairie dog - Animal imposters
  • Koala - Animal imposters
  • Platypus - Animal imposters
  • Titmouse - Animal imposters
  • Bald eagle - Animal imposters
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Take a look at the above photo, and what do we have? A big, disgusting pile of worms, right? Ah, but researchers that spent the past five years digging in northeastern India say otherwise. The earthworm-like slitherers here aren't worms at all, but a newly-discovered family of caecilians - a species of legless amphibians.

Indeed, the Chikilidae, as they're known to scientists, certainly look like worms, a deceptive appearance that got MSN thinking: what other critters and creatures in nature are kind of imposters? From rodents with misleading names to lizards that snake about like other reptiles, here are ten animals in the wild that aren't what they seem.

* Bing: What's inside a worm?

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